[Ethical Hacking] What Is Footprinting ? (Full Explain)

Hello, welcome to TechnoRelate. Today we will talking about Footprinting.  What is footprinting and how are its relationships? So about this we will get the complete details. Footprinting relationship is with hacking / tracking.

What Is Footprinting ?

Footprinting is the first and most convenient way that Hackers use to gather information about Computer System or Network and about the Devices that are attached to his Networks. In Footprinting a Penatration Tester used to Evaluate the Security of any InfrustInfrast. Footprinting is a first and the Important step becoube after this a Panetration Tester know how the hacker see this Network.

Example- Those hackers are those who hack a website, or they hack a system before they need a planning. Before hacking, full proof planning is done, how to hack a website? Hackers create a group and hack a system.

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There is a system with nodes in more than one place. Footprinting can also be used by hackers by combining 2 countries. Because may be a website’s nodes anywhere in the world. The complete information about your target is collected and then the target is hacked. The weakness of your target and personal details are collected.

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Types Of Footprinting !

  • Passive Footprinting

In Passive Footprinting attacker collect infoInforma without knowing Target. In other words we can say that in Passive Footprinting attacker don’t know about the target collect Information from different Activities like Google Search. IP, Address, DNS Lookup Etc.

  • Active Footprinting

In Active Footprinting Attacker know about the Target and collect the Information by Mirroring Website, Email Tracking, Pinging etc.

Steps Of Information Gathering

  1. Website Footprinting
  2. Email Footprinting
  3. Footprinting Through Search Engine
  4. DNS Footprinting
  5. Network Footprinting
  6. People Search Online Services

Website Footprinting

  •  Mirroring Website (Website Rippers Copiers. Teleport Pro, IMISER, HtTracker, GNU Eget etc.)
  • Extract Website Information (Archive.org, Waybackmachine, Website Watcher)
  • Whois Lookup (Smart Whois)

Email Footprinting

  • Collect Information From Email Header
  • Email Tracker Tools ( Read NotigN, Who Readme, Get Notify, Zendio, Trace Email, MSGTAG)
  • Footprinting Using Google
  • Using Google Hack Database
  • Google Dorks
  • Google Hacking Tools (Metagoofill, BILE Suite, Gmap Cather, Site Digger etc.)


  • DNS interrogation Tools (Dnstuff.com, Network-tools.com)
  • MX-Points To Domain’s Mail Server
  • QNS-Points To Host’s Server
  • QCNAME-Canocial Naming Allow Aiases To ahost
  • QSOA– Indicate Authority For domain
  • QSRV– Services Cords
  • QPIR- Map IP Address To A Host Name

Network Footprinting

  • Tracert Tools (Visual Rout, Path Analyser Pro, Magic Nettracker, Ping Plotter, Vtrace, GEO Spider)
  • SHODAN Search Engine (Operating System Information)

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