Hello friends, Today I am back with another great tutorial related to mobile hacking. As you might have heard, panic attacks and website hacking or spoofing attacks. Today you will know how you can hacking attacks from Android phones? You do not need a computer for this. So read this article carefully and follow these steps.

How To Spoof Any Website From Android ?

Step#1. First of all, you will need an Android application called Network Spoofer. This application is absolutely free and can be downloaded from here. You will need a network for this. Connect the Android phone to WiFi.

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Step#2. With the help of this application you can do a lot of spoof attacks. If you have to attack a website or if you have to redirect any target website to another site, you can also attack it.

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Step#3. Now just open this application and click on “Blue Ball Machine“. Then click on “Default Gateway“. After that there will be network scanning on here.

How To Spoof Any Website From Android

Step#4. After that just click on “All Devices” and simply click on “Start” Button to Attack. At some time the attack process will be completed. Now you can check your target website. That website will be redirected to another site.

How To Spoof Any Website From Android

Conclusion-This Article is Only for Education Purpose. All Information exposed in this article has the goal to teach you the technique used by hacker. TechnoRelate Team will not Responsible for any Harm.
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