How To Lock/Unlock Your Computer Using USB Pendrive
How To Lock/Unlock Your Computer Using USB Pendrive

Welcome Dear guys I’m back with a cool trick. You may have seen this one in Hollywood movies. A CIA guy flicks in a USB pendrive into a computer and it starts giving out data. How would like a similar setup on your own PC/laptop.

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We usually log into the computer by using our passwords and pins, Remember, using a login password is easily hackable. But having a USB lock not only gives that bit of extra security to your computer but adds a pro hacker like touch.

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Today we have a new method to lock and unlock your computer that is way cool than these traditional methods. Do you know? You can log into your computer using your USB flash drive. Yes, this is possible you can make your computer start with your pen drive . let’s see the process & folllow.

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How To Lock/Unlock Your Computer Using USB Pendrive

Step#1. First download Rohos Logon Key o your computer. Now click on ‘Setup USB Key.’ Now You need to choose ‘USB Flash Drive’ from the second drop down menu.

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Step#2. Now enter a USB Key. Here type in your Windows password and click on ‘Setup USBKey.’ After that you will see which will display you ‘Your USB Key has been successfully configured.’

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