How To Transfer Money From BHIM SBI Pay ?
How To Transfer Money From BHIM SBI Pay ?

State Bank of India provides a mobile app facility in which the account holder can pay on a virtual payment address or the bank can pay money in the bank account using the IFSC code. State Bank of India has said on its own microblogging site Twitter. This mobile app is called BHIM SBI PAY based on Unified Payments Interface or UPI.  The mobile app is called BHIM SBI PAY based on the Unified Payments Interface or UPI.

What Is BHIM UPI ?

It is a system in which money can be paid between the accounts of various banks through a mobile app application. In order to make a payment through Bhim SBI Pay App, the user’s mobile number should be linked to the bank account and he has a debit card associated with that account.

How To Transfer Money From BHIM SBI Pay ?

#1. Limit Of Payment From Bhim SBI Pay

The amount can be paid up to Rs. 1 lakh through Bhim SBI Pay. The limit of maximum payment per day is also 1 lakh.

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#2. Other Uses Of BHIM SBI PAY

Mobile app Bhim SBI offers the user the ability to recharge his prepaid, postpaid and DTH or direct-to-home connections and pay bill of water, water, electricity, gas and landline phones from mobile app like Swigi and Fresh menus. is.

#3. How To Transfer Through Bhim SBI

Mobile app supports five types of transactions: transfer via virtual ID, with IFSC code through account number, collection or application of funds based on virtual ID, transfer through base number and transfer of QR code Transfer via scanning.

#4. Who Can Use Bhim SBI Pay

Mobile app facilitates the account holders of banks coming under the UIPA to send and receive money through the virtual payment address through their smartphones. According to SBI website, no other details are required except for the non-annual payment address.

How To Transfer Money From BHIM SBI Pay ?

In addition to the premium payment address, details of the recipient’s bank like account number and IFSC code are required. Any person who has an account in the banks under the UPA can transfer or transfer funds through Bhim SBI Pay App. In such a case, SBI works like a Payment Service Provider (PSP) and other bank acts as a payer.

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#5. Virtual Payment Address Under Bhim SBI Pay

The virtual payment address is in the form of “[email protected]” and a unique ID is provided to one user. “Bhim SBI allows the user to create multiple virtual addresses through which they can pay or receive payment to the UPA Integrated Merchants. Users (users) can make VPAs while registering themselves on the app.

#6. How Many Accounts Can Be Added From BHIM SBI Pay

According to the SBI website, many bank accounts can be linked to a VPA based on the functionality / performance provided by the concerned PSP (payment service provider).

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#7. On Losing Mobile Phones

According to SBI, “You have to block your mobile number in the case of a mobile lost so that no transaction can be done from this mobile which is part of the device trekking and at the same time requires a MPIN for transaction, with anyone Should not be shared too. ”

#8. Payment Of Reverse

According to SBI, the UPI or Unified Payment Interface provides real time reversal for technical degradation and the amount is immediately deposited in the name of the payer.

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#9. How To Transfer Money Through Bhim SBI Pay

Once logged into an app, users choose “Navigate to pay” or “Navigate to Collect” respectively to send or receive money. After this step, to send money to the user, some details like debit account number or the payment to be paid is to enter an address (VPA or account + IFSC). To receive the money, the user has to enter the VPA of the payer along with other details.

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