Top iOS 10 Features – All You Need To Know

This time, the Apple brings one of the biggest update in iOS history under the tenth iteration. The most popular iOS operating system hot got a completely redesigned and commendable iOS 10 features. The all-new iOS 10 was announced during the WWDC 2016 on Monday featuring a lot of improvements and enhancements.

This time, the Apple brings one of the biggest update in iOS history under the tenth iteration. The most popular iOS operating system hot got a completely redesigned and commendable iOS 10 features. The all-new iOS 10 was announced during the WWDC 2016 on Monday featuring a lot of improvements and enhancements. However, the iOS 10 is not yet ready for the regular users, but its Beta version has been released. Undoubtedly, the new iOS 10 features will make your life easier and gives you a whole new experience of using iOS like never before.

Top iOS 10 Features – All You Need To Know

The new version includes major and minor changes, including Siri, new lock screen, notifications, maps, share extensions and a lot more. Here, we are going to list down some of the best iOS 10 features that you must know. So, have a look at the top iOS 10 features below:

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Revamped Apple Music

iOS 10 Music Apple App

Apple has completely redesigned their Music app. It makes navigation and organizing music music easier. With this new iOS 10 feature, you will be able to find your favorite music more quickly. Apple has announced to include Lyrics features in the all new iOS 10.

Easily Manage your Photos and Videos

Apple has pulled the biggest update of Photo app. The new app is smarter than ever, it can analyze, identify and tag people according to the Photo. It can sort and filter the Photos and Video according to your location using metadata. This will make the organization of your Album, Photos and Video easier without any hassle.

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Best of all, all the processing will be done locally, and no data will send to Apple. Apple promises Privacy Protection with this iOS 10 features. It can display photos like a map according to the time they were taken.

iOS 10 Apple Photos App

It also comes with new Feature that is Memories, which will assemble and group photos resulting in Slideshow, Movies and more automatically. It will remind you of a beautiful day, trip and best photos.

Apple Maps Become More Smarter

The Apple Maps app has been updated and now supports the third-party app integration, which enables other apps in your Smartphone to interact with the Map. For Example, You can have services like Uber and various other apps, which will allow you to book a taxi and do many other tasks right from the app.

iOS 10 Apple Maps App

It will also show you the traffic which will help you better decide roads and your trip. However, Apple Maps doesn’t support many of these features in other countries.

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Siri went Open to Developers

Apple has made Siri open to the developers. This is pretty awesome because now third-party developers will be able to interact and make commands for Siri. With iOS 10, Siri will become your actual virtual assistant.

This will surely make your workflow easier. Book an Uber Ride, lock your car, send WhatsApp messages and interact with several gadgets using your voice. For example, say “Send a WhatsApp message to John that we are meeting tonight.” And Siri will automatically do that flawlessness.

iOS 10 Siri

Siri will make your life easier by controlling and automatically doing tasks with just a command. Now, many new apps will be able to integrate with Siri.

Enhanced Phone Calls

There are several changes made to the Phone App in iOS 10. Back in 2007, Steve Jobs claimed that the Visual Voicemail Feature in their iPhone is going to be revolutionary, and he was right. The new update in the Visual Voicemail will allow users to receive VoIP calls just like an ordinary call and also one can read the Voicemail as a text.

Calls you will receive in Whatsapp, Skype and many other apps will be treated as a regular call and added to your recent calls list. You can answer VoIP calls right from the lock-screen. It will also transcribe your Voicemail’s which will enable you to read the Voicemail without listening to it.

Improved iMessage App

Apple has added several new features in their iMessage App. Most of them will make it easier to interact with rich links without leaving the Message App or any further efforts. You can play Music Right from the Music App if someone sends you a link to the music in Apple Music. It will also help you better protect your message with end-to- end encryption.

iOS 10 iMessage App

The Message app will now offer images in place of text. Type “Happy” and it will offer you to replace the word with the Happy image. It is one of the top iOS 10 features, and you are going to love it. The iMessage app will now celebrate with You. It will display Fireworks and Balloon over the entire screen mark the occasion.

There’s a lot to talk about new iMessage App. Apple is also opening their messaging app to the developer to expand the capabilities of the app. It lets you see the preview of the website link you receive, view video without leaving the and a lot more. You can also use Handwriting to send messages.


This iOS 10 features will surely change our life. It lets you control the devices and gadgets in your Home using a single Tap. It can control the HomeKit supported devices which will automatically adjust and to control the device. Switch on the lights, adjust curtains, closes the door, etc. using your iPhone. All these features under the single Home app.

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iOS 10 Home App

It lets you create profiles and select actions to trigger. Single Tap on the profile and you are done. Suppose, You are going to sleep, then select “Good Night Profile” and it will automatically turn off the lights, close the door(s) and turn on the Air Condition.

Best of all, use Siri to control the HomeKit app. Say “Turn on the Lights” and you’re all done.

New Lock-screen

iOS 10 Lockscreen

Your’s lock-screen is no longer just a lock-screen with iOS 10. Apps can interact with lock-screen with your iPhone and display interactive interface right on your lock-screen. It allows other apps to display Information under notifications. You can view your messages, upcoming events and a lot more with iOS 10.

Raise to Wake

New iOS 10 features include a new way to unlock your iPhone. It has all new “Raise to Wake” feature which will unlock your iPhone using the motion sensor. Although this feature isn’t new but gives a lot of flexibility to the user. It will unlock your iPhone as soon as you raise it for your pocket, bag or table.

QuickType Improvements and New Features

With the improved Quick-Type feature, sending messages are more effortless and fun. It will autocomplete and offer words to you. This includes sharing your current location when someone Message you, “Where are you?”. This upgrade is one of the best iOS 10 features.

iOS 10 uses deep learning feature which improves and analyses your messages and opportunities. It can also create an event in the calendar after analysis and identify the date and more information during the Conversation.


iOS 10 is not yet released for everyday use, but will undoubtedly increase your productivity and make the workflow easier. It has several new upgrades and updates with lots of improvement, then iOS 9. iOS 10 features are very useful and productive.

Apple has made most of their Apps open to developers. In upcoming days, we are going to see lots of apps integrated with Siri and other native iOS apps.

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