3 Thing Never Search On Google Otherwise You Can Get Jail Penalty

At present, internet is used around the world. In the country like India, the use of internet has increased manifold since jio. Through the internet, one can find information about any place in the world sitting on the site, the technique has made our works posture.

Now sitting in a country can send and receive necessary documents in another country, but where there are thousands of advantages of the Internet, there are some of its losses There are some things on the Internet that you can search for. You can send some of the same things today. Will tell about.

If you use the internet, you will definitely be aware of the biggest search engine Google search and it will definitely be used. Most of the time it is used to get the information needed, but there are some such information which you may find too heavy to find and you can get it up to jail.

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If you download the movie from the internet, you probably have heard of it, some laws were implemented even before piracy. In fact, uploading new upcoming films to the internet before release is under piracy. Those who use them are also involved in this crime. Shortly before the release, the site uTorrent, which provided the copy of the films, was closed.

3 Thing Never Search On Google Otherwise You Can Get Jail Penalty

But still Internet users are downloading movies using these sites would like to state that the government has made a strict punishment for this, i.e. if someone gets arrested while downloading the movie from the site, then he may have to go to jail.

Adult site

3 Thing Never Search On Google Otherwise You Can Get Jail Penalty

In the last few months, the use of adult sites in India has increased manifold, which has led to the government stopping it, that is, this site can not be used in India anymore. But some people are opening these sites using VPN etc. Would like to tell that the eyes of the government are on such Internet users. If you search or use any such site on Google, you may have to face the sentence.

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Terrorism Related Information

3 Thing Never Search On Google Otherwise You Can Get Jail Penalty

There is already a lot of alertness in the country about terrorism and for this, information about every step of the Indian Internet user is being kept in mind. In such a case, if a person searches for any information related to terrorism by Google by going to the Internet, then he can be punished because there is a ban on finding any such information in India.

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