Tez App

Google Gives Chance To Win 1 Lakh Rupees.

Google is giving chance to win prize of up to a Lakh rupees through ‘Tez First Anniversary Offer’ on the occasion of one year of Tez. This reward will be available to those lucky winners who use Google Pay for digital payment. Google’s offer has been listed on the app, this app is now available on the Google Play Store with the name ‘Tez’

What Is Google Tez App ? How To Earn Money With Tez App ?

Making money in the virtual world is not a difficult task today. Just need a little waiting and patience. Many of Google’s mobile applications are those that give you a chance to earn as well as you have. One of those applications is Google Fast Which makes you earn up to one lakh rupees. You just have to follow his rules and laws. Let’s also tell you how you can earn from Google.