How To Set Pattern Lock On Computer

Hello dear Visitors, If you use a Android Phone than you should be familiar with the patter lock system. Most touch screen devices gives this function for security. It is easy to remember and the screen can be unlocked within seconds. In a pattern lock, you generally create a pattern by swiping your finger on given dots. This is very popular on Android Phones.

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Pattern lock is considered as the most used and most secure way of protecting your device. It is not only secure but also convenient for the users to remember and enter while trying to unlock the device. But what about PC? If you want to get Pattern Lock feature Like Android on your Windows Computer then read this article carefully and follow the steps to process.

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How To Set Pattern Lock Feature On Windows Computer ?

Step#1. First of all, you need to download Maze Lock For Windows from Here . Now launch this application on your desktop.

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Step#2. Here Z is default pattern that you have to reset by clicking reset pattern button there.

Step#3. Now make a pattern that you want to set and it will ask you to remember the password and then make the backup of your pattern that you should do.

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Step#4. Now click on the general tab above and there you will see the first option Autolock at windows startup turn it on. Now see all the options and edit according to your wish and then click on ok.

Step#5. If you want to lock your screen with pattern lock then you need to head over to your notifications area in your taskbar and click on Maze Lock to lock your computer.


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