How To Secure Your Android Device From Others

How To Secure Your Android Device From Others
How To Secure Your Android Device From Others

We use all Android smartphones, most people only use the basic usage of smartphones such as Internet, calls and SMS. There are very few people who use all the features of their phone. Today we are going to tell you about the features of Android smartphones that few people know about.

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Steps To Secure Your Android Device

Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning

This feature is very useful in Android phones like someone calls you to call the phone and after the call ends, it starts using photos, videos or any other app in it. In such a situation, this feature can be very useful.
After activating this feature, you will be able to open the app and give it to your friend using only that app, neither will it be able to use the back button nor the Home button. If they try to do this then the phone will be unlocked.

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This feature is not active by default, you have to activate later. For this, open the Security settings by enabling the screen pinning option from the Settings option.

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See All Tabs In Chrome In Another Device

See All Tabs Of Other Device On Chrome

Suppose that you want to see the tab you have open in the pc on your mobile, then open the Chrome browser of your mobile. After this, click on the three dots that appear on the left side. You will see that the tabs you have opened in the PC will also be visible to you in the mobile phone. But for this, you will have to log in to PC and mobile with the same Google Account, then you will be able to use this feature.

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Guest Mode Feature

Guest Mode Feature

If someone wants to use your phone for a while then you can do it on the guest mode, after which he will not be able to use your personal data and apps. To turn on Guest turn, you have to open the setting from there, you can switch on the guest mode.

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Check Your Heart Rates

Check Heart Rates

You can check Heart Rate from your smartphone. For this, you have to download an app from Google Play Store, which is named Instant Heart Rate, after opening this app, you can learn about your heart rate with the help of a camera sensor.

Download App

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Face Unlock

Enable Face Lock

You can use this feature if you do not want to unlock your phone over and over again. With this feature, you scan your face and save and you will not need to unlock the phone for a second time. Your phone will unlock automatically. I have tested this feature in stock Android which is working fully, maybe in some other way the feature is given differently. For this, go to the security settings of the phone’s settings, where you will see the Smart Lock option.

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Now you select the Trusted face option and scan your face. Now you will see that you will not need to unlock the smartphone repeatedly.

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