How To Protect Your Sim Card From Steeling Your Contacts

How To Protect Your Sim Card From Steeling Your Contacts
How To Protect Your Sim Card From Steeling Your Contacts

Nowadays all people are using mobile, and every mobile holder has one or more SIM cards. Most of your friends and family members will save the contact number SIM card. Have you ever wondered what if your SIM card is lost somewhere or someone stole all your contacts and data from your mobile?

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There Are Some People That Use To Transfer Money From Your Sim Card Without Your Permission But With This Code ,You Will Be Able To Lock Your Sim Card And Open It.Here I will tell you how can you protect your SIM card? So your SIM card data will be safe and nobody can tamper with your mobile without your permission.

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How To Protect Your Sim Card From Steeling Contact ?

Step#1. First of all just pick your mobile and open dialpad and dail the code below.


Step#2. When you dial this code on your mobile then your Sim Card will locked, You May Loose Some Incoming Calls And You Will Not Be Able To Browse.

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Step#3. Don’t worry you can Unlock it easily. Just pick again your mobile and dail the code to unlock your Sim card.


Step#4. Now again you sim card Ready for working. Now you can receive Incoming calls and Outgoing call, SMS and you can browse internet Normally.

Important Note:

Make Sure You Remember This Code Always Because If You Lock Your Credit And You Dont know the code to open it again ,then your line will not be able to call and receive again. This post is for your information, please do not misuse it. If you have any damage then this blog will not be responsible.

That’s it guys you’re done all steps and enjoy. I have personally tested on Nokia Java s60 and Java s40 Mobile. This trick is fine working for me.  Dear visitors if you like my this Article then Please Share this post with your friends & family. Also drop your comments if this helpful for you or have you any types of quarry.

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