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Top 10 Google Apps For Android

In today's time, Android phones are all in place and there are many applications on the Google Play Store. A lot of ads come in too many apps that trouble us. Some apps have been made by Google, in which the problem of add-on is not reduced or found. Many of these apps are of our great work. Here is a list of top best Google apps for your Android below.

Ethical Hacking: How To Delete Your Profile & Information From Internet

Nowadays internet is being used very much. Many people are making their account on the internet, so the risk of hacking is also increasing. The internet user shares all its information on the internet profile, in which the hacker can steal all his details. If you want to hide your identity on the internet

Ethical Hacking: What Is DNS Spoofing ? [Explain]

DNS Spoofing. What is DNS Spoofing ? And how does it work? What is the basic relationship with Ethical Hacking or Black Hat Hacking?

How To Hack Any Simcard With A Message

Nowadays technology has increased so much that all the people of the mobile are now in need. without Mobile you can’t nothing in virtual world. An important item for mobile is called SIM card. SIM card is basic need of Mobile. Here the tutorial of Hack Any Sim Card With Massage of your friends.

What Is Lost.DIR Folder ? How Does It Work In SD...

We have many folders in our phone, some of which we create by ourselves, some phones come in. Here we lose a secret folder of the phone. Telling about DIR. Which work is it you might not know. You may have seen this folder but you will not know its use. Another feature of this folder is that it comes back automatically after deletion. After restarting the phone or turning it on, this folder is returned.

What Is WhatsApp Black Dot Massage ? How Can Crash WhatsApp...

Whatsapp 'Black Dot' Messages Can Crash Your Android Phone. With over 10 percent of human beings actively using it every month. Given this volume of use, it's clear it gets a lot of things right, but today we will be concentrating on what it gets wrong. Here are some of the most common WhatsApp problems on Android and the solutions to them.

YouTube New Feature: Enable Incognito Mode On YouTube

YouTube has set out to offer a unique feature for its Android users, with the help of which any content history search on YouTube will not be saved or seen. 

What Is The Incognito Mode In The Chrome Browser ? How...

Incognito mode is also known in other languages ​​as privacy mode or private browsing. This mode is a feature of any browser that you use if you search anything on my internet, its history will not appear in your browser, cookies will not be stored in your browser. Using this mode, you can manage your privacy more.

Xiaomi Tops Smartphone Market, Jio Leads 4G Handset Segment In India:...

The 4G feature phone market continued to grow at more than 50 per cent quarter-on-quarter, driven primarily by Reliance JioPhone which led the market with 38.4 per cent share.

Google Is Bringing A Number Of Features And Apps To Chrome...

Google is bringing a number of new features to its Chrome OS. These come after the company announced that it will bring Linux app support to its OS during Google I/O 2018. Google did not announce these features on stage during I/O 2018 and instead, they were spotted in sessions after the keynote. According to a detailed report by ChromeUnboxed, Google will bring some of the most requested features that are already present in Android to Chrome OS.

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