What Is Lost.DIR Folder ? How Does It Work In SD Card On Android ?
What Is Lost.DIR Folder ? How Does It Work In SD Card On Android ?

We have many folders in our phone, some of which we create by ourselves, some phones come in. Here we lose a secret folder of the phone. Telling about DIR. Which work is it you might not know. You may have seen this folder but you will not know its use. Another feature of this folder is that it comes back automatically after deletion. After restarting the phone or turning it on, this folder is returned.

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How To Find Lost.DIR Folder ?

These folders will be found in the SD card in the file manager. This folder does not contain internal storage. As soon as you tap the SD card, you will see the Lost.DIR folder. If you tap on it, you will either get this blank or some files will appear in it.

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How Does It Work In SD Card ?

Which Folder Comes In This Folder
If you are downloading a movie from the net, 500MB is downloaded to your SD card and 500MB is left and between the time the phone’s battery is locked, your phone stops or movie downloads due to no connection to the Net If it is closed, then you will feel that the movie you downloaded was lost. He has to download it again again. But it does not happen This movie or song or video is saved in this folder. And when you download it again, it will start from the same.

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What Happen If You Delete It ?

Deleting Does Not Affect The Phone’s Performance. If you are transferring data or a movie from the computer and the phone stops in the middle, then your data will be saved in this folder. We do not need to start the whole process again. In this way these folders are of our great work. Deleting it does not affect the performance of the phone and it also comes back again. So there is no point in deleting it.

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