Reliance Jio made several announcements in the yearly annual general assembly as well as last year. This time Jio  has made many announcements including Jio Phone 2, Monsoon offers and Broadband. Many questions are coming in people’s mind about Jio Phone 2, so let us know the answer to these questions.

About Price

The price of Jio Phone 2 is Rs 2,999 and its sale will be from August 15 at the same price. With this phone there will be no offers like old Jio phones. This means that you can buy this phone in the same way you buy other phones.

About Offers/Plan

There is no data offer for any type of new phone but with this, there will be a monsoon offer starting from July 21, 2018. Under this offer, the phone will be purchased for the 501 rupees, given the old features, launched last year.

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Note: You can not take back a new phone that was launched last year, because you have to use that phone for 3 years.

No new plan has been released with Jio Phone 2. The plans that were available with the old phone would also be applicable on this phone too.

About Replacement

The biggest question is that just getting the phone back will get Jio phone 2 for 501 rupees or Jio with any phone. So the answer is that you can buy old Jio phone 1 or old Jio phone for Rs 501 by giving any old feature phone to Jio. The new phone will cost Rs 2,999.

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How To Get Jio Phone 2

This new phone from Jio can be purchased from any Jio Store, Reliance Store or Retailer. That is, if you have any old feature phone (not a smartphone) then you can get a new phone just by giving the old phone at Rs 501.

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That’s it now buy Jio Phone 2 at effective price and Enjoy Jio Digital Life. If you have any quarry/problem then fee free to Comments below.




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