How To Install Windows 10/8/7/XP On Android Mobile

Install Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP On Android Mobile (Dual Boot):

Android Tablet or Phone

  • Personal Computer/Laptop
  • USB Cable
  • Change My Software
  • High speed Internet Connection.

If your Android Doesn’t Support Windows Os or facing Any Error Then Root your Android.

You Can Change Any Windows On Android With Change My Software Edition.

Step#1. Now connect your Android device (mobile/tablet) to your computer using USB cable. After connecting your devices, launch the change my software 8 edition in your computer.

Step#2. Now choose Android > Windows 8 to install windows 8 on your android mobile. Click on Continue after Checking your device is connected and working properly. Now Select your language. Selecting Language is very important so pay attention when you are going to select.

Step#3. After selecting the language, the process of downloading windows 8 drivers will start. Downloading will take more time if you don’t have the high-speed internet connection. Wait until you see the “success” on the screen.
After completion of downloading process click on the “Install” button. Do not click on “Remove Android”.

If you do you will not get dual-boot (Windows&Android), you get only windows on your android mobile/tablet.
Now the process of installing windows 8 will start on your Android device so be patient until the completion of installing all features and files.

Step#4. After getting all features and the required files, your android mobile/ tablet will automatically First login usually takes more time so wait some time to use Windows 8 on your Android mobile/tablet.

That’s all you have to do guys to install windows 8 on your android mobile/tablet. You will get Windows 8 on your Android mobile/Tablet.
Download Other Software Edition

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12 thoughts on “How To Install Windows 10/8/7/XP On Android Mobile

  1. And also it says that device is slow or protected by manufacturer which is not possible….

      1. But what about the graphics bro… Will we be able to play high end games and use high end softwares?

  2. What will happen to the data after the installation and do tell about the performance of both the OSs in the phone.. Does it have any relation with ROM of the phone and what’s the process to remove the windows once it has been installed…. Please tell me….. 🙏

    1. Bro You’ll get Dual OS On Your Android ROM
      All Function will Fine working with Android ROM. Yes You Can Remove That OS with Change My Software Edition.

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