How To Earn Money With YouTube

How To Earn Money With YouTube
How To Earn Money With YouTube

Hey dear guys welcome back. I think you have already heard this story making money from youtube. Nowadays many people earn huge money from youtube just sharing their talent on youtube. You can start earning money quickly, especially if you have a strong subscriber base.
Many friends on social sites asked me how we can make money through YouTube? So today I will tell you how to make money from YouTube. For this, you should work hard and refine your talent and then earn a lot of money through YouTube.

About YouTube

Youtube is a platform where advertiser advertises their products via google Adword. Adwords is a google product by which google earn money and share their revenue to the publisher. I will explain later about Google Adwords. When you create a channel and monetized video, then youtube show ads on your video. Google show two types of ads on your video.

How To Create YouTube Channel

Step#1. First Of All Click Signin Button. Signin Your Gmail Account. Now Goto Click My channel Then Video Manager.

Step#2. Then Click Add Channel Art. After That Select a Channel Art Image From Computer. Now Choose Channel Art Image. Now Click on Channel Icon. Then Click Edit Button. Then Choose Channel Icon Image. Changed Channel Art and Channel Icon.

Step#3. Now Click on Videos then Upload New Video. Now Click On Drop Down Arrow. Then Click Private Then Upload Videos. Choose Upload Videos From Computer. Video must be at least 3-4 minutes. Upload Videos Status.

Step#4. Once Processing Done Change Basic Info Title, Description and Tags Then Click Verify Button.

Step#5. Now Select Your Country Then put your verification mobile number. Now Click On Submit. Then Fill 6 digit Verification Code. Once Verified Code Then Click Continue. Verified Youtube Channel Account.

Step#6. After That Activision Youtube Monetization Click Choose Your Location. Then Click on Save. Now Click Enable monetization. Click Enable My Account. Agreed all terms and conditions Click Tick Mark. Then Click Accept.

Step#7. Now Monetize Ad Formats Click Overlay Ads and Skippable Ads. Then Click on Monetize Then Click Gotit Blue Button. Now Goto Video Manager Then Click Videos. Your Videos Will Be Monetize.
Important Note:

  1. Never upload copyrights content.
  2. Try to upload unique video Use HD recording camera.
  3. Make your video perfect.
  4. Upload video schedule basis to hold an audience.
  5. Growing your audience.

That’s it you’re done guys, I think this post help you to How To Earn Money With YouTube. If you find any mistake or if you think I forget to add any useful information, then feel free to comment. Also be social to share this article on your social Account.

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