How To Earn Money By Website

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How To Earn Money By Website

How are you friends Hope you all will be fine. So friends, I had posted a post on how to create a website. Nowadays all people need a lot of money. Anyway, who does not like money, we all want to earn money. Today I am writing about how to earn from blog. Blog is another way to earn from home in easy way. In present world website is increasing day by day. I think most of the young have one personal website/blog. That is not bad but most of us do not know how to earn form blog/website. You can earn huge money by blogging.

Blogging is the hard way but you can earn huge amount of money by this. This is longtime assets. If you can create a good website/blog and can write good article then you can earn. If you want to earn in short time then blogging is not for you. So let’s see some blogging plat from to earn.

Top Best Blogging Platforms


#2. Weebly

#3. Wrodpress

#4. Joomla

#1. Online Advertisements

Advertisement is a publishing network where the company owners want sell their products from advertisement. This advertisement publish some blog site from Google. Then ads by Google when a visitor click on my I’ll earn the percentage of this amount of Google has got. Online earn companies most of one is google AdSense. But you have to keep your AdSense as safeand many others company are doing honestly working with people. Actually you have no visitors in your blog, so you can’t better earn from your blog. Here are some more tips about a site conditions.

Top Best Network Ads Sites

#1. Google Adsense


#3. RevenueHits!

#4. Infolinks

#5. Bidvertiser

#6. Adversal

#7. Chitika

#8. Viglink

#9. Kontera

#10. Qadabra

#11. Adhitz

#12. Adnow

#13. AdEngage etc.

These are some network ad sites. Create new accounts in these sites. Then link your seat. Then set the banner ads code on your site. When Visitor clicks on these banners, his money will be deposited in your account.

#2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one type of activities based on marketing. By which business or organization give rewards to the Affiliates, because Affiliates sent visitors to the website or desired products link. By which visitor come to that website and buy any products and affiliates get some commission (4%-40%). It’s works on commission basis. If anyone wants to earn money from home in easy way that’s tips for him/ her.

Top Best Affiliate Marketing Sites




#4. FlipKart

#5. (Commission


#6. ShareASale .com

#7. Google Affiliate Network



Now Create your account with your original personal information. Then Go to dashboard and Chose products then Copy products links and Paste Copied links to your website, or in a Gadget. You need a Website/blog for publish your affiliate link. Also need Huge number traffic/visitor on your blog. Create a Valid email ID for mail confirmation. After that you have must International Credit card ( Master/Visa card ). You Need to create affiliate account to your desired company’s website.

How Much You Can Earn

Per sale you can earn 4% – 40% If you sent 1000 visitors > then if 100 visitor buy products > if precuts price average $100 then > if commission rate is 20 % > then you will earn (100 Visitors x $100) x 20% = $2000 in TK 1,56,000

(Exchange rate 1$=Tk. 68)

#3. Publish Your Own Book (eBook)

If you like to write, then this fantastic way of earning money through internet is only for you. You can publish your own book through the internet. Write an eBook and publish to your website/blog. You can also sell your eBook on Amazon, eBay. Now earn money with your eBook.

#4. Design and Sell Theme/Template

Now a day every tech lovers have minimum one website/blog. Again every website/blog need a professional theme (another name is Template). If you are a good web designer, you can design a theme / templates and sell it in your website. Normally one copy of theme sells anywhere $10 to $100. So if you can design 100 copy of theme normally you can sell them for $1,000 to $10,000. If you can design customizable theme for specific theme then you can want more money.

So these are the best ways you can earn a lot of money through the website. You have to work too hard for this. Believe in these ways you can earn a lot of money sitting at home! Hope you liked this post. Do not forget to give your suggestions and feedback!

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