How To Create Unlimited Gmail I'd Using Gmail Dot Trick
How To Create Unlimited Gmail I’d Using Gmail Dot Trick

Guys, are you looking for a way to create an unlimited Gmail ID? Email ID is needed everywhere on the Internet, Gmail is the best way to get email. If you have the same Gmail ID and want to earn unlimited money, then by adopting this method you can earn unlimited. This way you can create an unlimited Gmail ID from the same Gmail ID.

What Is Gmail Dot Trick?

Gmail dot trick is a trick in which you can create multiple accounts from one Gmail account by putting a Dot in between and many big website have not solved this issue for example encase it website from that you can get create unlimited accounts by putting a dot.

Requirements of Gmail Dot Trick

You need a Gmail account for this trick if you don’t have a Gmail account so you can create a Gmail account easily by signing up to Gmail from here – Sign Up With Gmail If you are have a big email account such as so this is well and good if you have a small gmail account like so not big issues you can create a new account with big email.

How To Use ?

Step#1. First of all you need to visit any website in which you have to use this Gmail dot trick If you have already sign up with your Gmail account on that website so no problem if you are not so you can sign up with your original Gmail account

Step#2. Now the trick starts here if you want to create an another account on that website from same email account then just do the following steps.

Step#3. Now Logout your old Gmail account and now sign up with the new Gmail account Now if your original Gmail account name is so just place a dot anywhere before like this or

Step#4. Now you can place the dot where ever we want The dot in the account can be added any where you want just add the dot and you’re done You can even add more than one Dot in one account even after adding more dots this trick will work absolutely fine You can even add dots like this

Step#5. If you put the dot any where in the account so the verification of Gmail account will be forwarded to . Now add the dot anywhere in your Gmail account and your mail will be forwarded to your original account only.

Why You Need This Trick ?

Many of the websites put an offer such as get a free recharge of Rs 10 to 15 by doing sign up with this refer code and all other offers so you can use this trick to get free recharge. Most of the people I know and myself to are not comfortable with sharing mail ID so often. So, the most prominent reason is that can be used for breaching data and hacking many illegal purposes. Having said that, I’m not saying that all website do that, But in the where cyber crime rate increasing day by day, we can’t take a chance. And, as a wise man once said “Precaution is better than cure” Saving yourself from being victimized something awful is always a best choice.

Also Use Gmail Plus Trick

Gmail Plus trick which is almost similar to dot trick. You have just had to add “+” beside of “.” and rest of everything remains same just like the dot trick which was mentioned earlier. For example– and and the process goes on till you don’t stop it.
So these are the best ways you can use for earn a lot of money and hacking anyone gmail data. If you liked this post. Do not forget to give your suggestions and feedback!