How to Automatically Reply to Emails in Gmail And Increase Your Blog Traffic

In this method, you will set an appropriate reply for each query that you get in your Gmail account. Gmail will automatically detect the text in the mail you had received and will reply back to that email with the message that you have set there. So proceed with some simple steps to implement this Automatic Gmail Reply on your account. Most of us are tethered to our emails these days, but if you get a chance to go on vacation and leave your email inbox behind, setting up an autoresponder is a good idea. This sends an automatic reply of your choice to anyone who emails you while you’re offline. Setting up an autoresponder in Gmail only takes a couple of minutes.

Step#1. First of all login into Gmail account. Now Click on the cog icon and then select Settings .

Step#2. Now Scroll down in the General settings menu, until you hit Vacation responder.

Step #3. After that Enter the time details. You need to set a First day (even if it’s today’s date, for an immediate start), but the Last day is optional.

Step#4. Write a subject and message. You’ll probably want this include some basic information for anyone emailing you, including: Fill Subject as TechnoRelate and Message as Write about your Website/Blog

Step#5. Goto your facebook account settings and click on notification. Activate all notifications like Facebook group, birthday, comments to your gmail. Now click on Apply it will be Save. Now Gmail will send the automatic response to the emails received with the matched details.
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