How to Add Back Button Keys On Android Without Root

Hey ! Welcome guys, In many Android devices, you must have seen the three soft touch keys at the bottom of a touch screen which are similarly used as in buttons in another Android. Those soft keys are better than the harder one, but these soft keys are not available on every Android handset. However, you don’t need to change your device for that; there is a method by which you can also add that three keys on your Android screen.
Now we are going to share a method of add Home/Back soft button on your Android.
Step#1. First of all download and install Back Button (No root) .

Back Button Apk- TechnoRelate

Step# 2. Now launch it and you will see a popup appears asking you to enable the app in accessibility permission. Grant the permission. Now click on “Active” button to enable this app on your device.
Step#3. Now come back to the back button app, and there you need to activate the active option and then activate the buttons that you want to be there in your Android touch screen. Now you will instantly see these buttons on your screenBack Button- TechnoRelate

you can resize them and customize them completely according to your wish.

That’s it! You are done, now you have extra three buttons on your Android touchscreen that will work exactly same as you three hard buttons do.

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