Best High Paying Alternatives AdSense For Earning With Website/Blog
Best High Paying Alternatives AdSense For Earning With Website/Blog

Hello dear visitors Today I am telling you about Best High paying AdSense Alternatives, by which you can earn huge amount of money from your Blog/Website. When we want to make money online form blog or website, Google adsense is one of the most popular monetization programs for blogger. I have already adsense account. But know a days Google adsense polices is very strict and Google can’t give approval easily newly created sites. If you live in Asian countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh etc then it is very hard getting adsense approval in these countries. One of major issue Google banns thousand of adsense account daily on polices violation.
Google AdSense is currently the leader in context-sensitive Internet sales technologies. Every day Google bans hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts in its Google Adsense contextual advertising service. Many publishers also find that their Adsense accounts are blocking without waging for a reason. If your Adsense Account Banned by Google then you can use Alternative Adsense for earn money from blog.

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High Paying AdSense Alternatives


Infolinks is best AdSense alternative site. Infolinks pay on the basis of Pay Per Click (PPC). Most interesting things are that you have no need to create ads they automatically crate ads and show to your site as hyperlinks.

 Payment Methods- Wire Transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Western Union.

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits a big source of money. I have created my  account and was shortly approved by  admin. For best earning you need huge traffics because traffic means money. Revenue Hits pay on the basis of CPC and CPM models. There have various  types of ads size like Sliders, Pop-up,  Banners, buttons etc.

Minimum Payout- $20

PaymentMethods- Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer


Chitika is another reliable site to earn money from your website/blog. By using Chitika’s ads to your site you can earn huge amount of money. Chitika ads qualities are good they can easy attract to the visitors.

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Chitika only display contextual ads. You can chitika’s ads beside Google AdSense at a time. Create account and start to earn from your blog/website to day.

Minimum Payout- $10

 Payment Methods- Wire Transfer , Payoneer


This platform has become popular for its wide choice of different ad formats. The most popular two are the text ads which remind a lot of Google AdSense ads, and in-text ads, which seem to look up to Kontera ads as the role model. Clicksor pays out in net 15 days.

Minimum Payout- $50

Payment Method- Bank Check And Paypal

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Amazon Native Ads

Amazon has the worlds largest affiliate program. But you it is good to know that Amazon also provides Ads publishing Service. If you want US and UK traffic on your Blog then it is the best choice for you. If you passionate about to unbox trending products on your Blog then you should go with Amazon native Ads. The Ad display on your blog depends on your niche or category of your Blog.

Minimum Payout: $100

Payment Method- Wire-Transfer, Gift Card

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Bidvertiser is a Pay per Click advertising network which you can only generate revenue when someone clicks on your Ads. It is also the best alternative because you will get immediate approval to publish ads and start earning. The approval method is very but the CPC rate is very less among all other Ad service providers.

Bidvertiser works on bidding system which means the ads are automatically placed by the highest bidder of your Blog. You will get Targeted Ads, Banner Ads, Mobile Ads.

Minimum Payout: $10

Payment Method- PayPal, Payza

So Dear Visitor I think this article will help you to earn from  blog/Website. If have any question then please ask me by commenting bleow.



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