Hello friends, welcome all of you. I have brought you again today, another method of Steganography for you. With which you can hide any information in the video. In the previous steganography tutorial, I had told you how you can hide the image file in the audio file. So today I will tell you how to hide any files like image software, information in the video. Mostly it is used by technical experts or hackers.

Steganography - How To Hide Information In Video

How To Hide Any Information In Video ?

Step#1.First of all, you will need an essential software to do this work. Just download DeEgger Embedder on your computer. After downloading simply install & run in your computer.

Steganography - How To Hide Information In Video

Step#2. You will now see the Select Host File option, you have to click on it.Then add any video from your computer. After that you will see the Embed Option, you have to add the main file which you want to hide.

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Steganography - How To Hide Information In Video

Step#3. Now finally click on Combain. Your information/files will hide on Video. Now save the video file with any name, like- TechnoRelate.mp4

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Step#4. Now close the all program and you can see your File and video on your computer normally. If you or your’s friends want to see HIDDEN Information from Video For this you need to get the same software again.

Steganography - How To Hide Information In Video

Step#5. Now open DeEgger Embedder Software and add Video file on local Host, The video in which the information is hidden. After that click on Extract. Now save your Extracted file. You can find your file which is named with Extracted.

Steganography - How To Hide Information In Video
Conclusion– This method is only for educational purposes, please do not misuse it. A lot of people use this trick to get spam, scripts, viruses and Trojans. That’s totally wrong, please do not do it. You can use it for your security or your personal information security, but do not harm anyone. Don’t Forget to Share This Post with your friends and family and also give Feedback Us.




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