Hello friends, welcome to TechnoRelate. Today I’ll teach you about Steganography. I’m presenting a topic about “How To Hide Any Images Into Audio File”. In this article you will learn that how can Hackers can hide evidence in Audio files. So guys Follow this steps to learn Steganography.

Stegnography - Forensics Investigation How To Hide Images/Evidence Into Audio File ?

What is Steganography ?

Steganography is  the hiding of a secret message within an ordinary message and the extraction of it at its destination Steganography takes cryptography a step farther by hiding an encrypted message so that no one suspects it exists. Ideally, anyone scanning your data will fail to know it contains encrypted data.

How To Hide Images/Evidence Into Audio File ?

Step#1. First of all you need to download & Install a software, which name is Coagulalight. You can easily do this with this software.

Stegnography - How To Hide Images/Evidence Into Audio File ?

Step#2. Now open the software & Click on files then select the image which you want to Hide into Audio. Then click on Sound Option, after that you will find an option of Render Without Blue, Now click on it.


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Step#3. Now Your Image Successfully converted into Audio File. Now save this File as sound file. You can play this Audio File into any Audio Player & also you can Marge this Audio File into other audio files.


Step#4. If you want to Decode this Audio File into Image then you need to another software for this which name is Sonic Visualiser. After downloading open this software on your computer.

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Step#5. Now Open Your That Audio File which you want to decode/Read. After open the file then Zoom that sound as possible. Then click on Layer Option. Then click on Add Spectrogram and then click on All Channel Mix With your name Option.


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Step#6. After that just change the styles of Spectrogram according to your Audio files. Now you can read hidden concept with clear.


Conclusion – Hope so friends, you like our this helpful Article about Steganography. It’s play very important role in Forensics Investigation. You can use this technique for your security reasons & Ethical Hacking. Don’t Forget to Share This Post with your friends and family and also give Feedback Us.





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