What Is SS7 Attack ? How To Hack OTP System
What Is SS7 Attack ? How To Hack OTP System

Hello friends, I have come once again with another article about Ethical Hacking tutorial which is named SS7. You have already heard about this before. What is this and how does it work ? Why is it needed ? Today we are about to share the full information about it.

What Is SS7 ?

SS7 Means Signaling System 7 or If I tell you in easy language, then it is a network system that helps in the user’s network protocol. If you send a text to someone, then who will go to the text and how will it go, this job sees the signaling system 7. If you call someone, then how long will the call be connected and how much it will charge, all this work only count the signaling system 7.

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About SS7 Attack !

Now the thing is that why this SS7 attack is happening? And how is this attack, today we will go about it. If I want to tell you in easy language, you will know about Man In The Middle Attacks.  Almost even this works like that. But in this Man in The Middle Attack, we can only get their browsing details by attacking Wifi. But In the SS7, their are 3 important things- Hacker, Victim & Network System.

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Now here, the hacker will break down the connection between Victim and the network and create a new Network System. Then whatever the victim will send the data, then the data will be firstly received by hacker and then will go to someone else. If you have to attack this then you will have to become a professional hacker. You will need a Network system and advanced group for this. The most important thing is that you are attacking only on the network provider company, which can be very risky.

How To Hack OTP System By SS7 Attack ?

Suppose you are attacking a bank account for which you will need a OTP. Now it will be that the OTP will come first in the system from the network system, then the OTP hacker will get it then you will get that OTP. At almost the same time, the OTP will reach both of them, but there will definitely be a difference of seconds. The hacker can not stop those signals. Not only OTP, your call system and personal details can also be hacked.

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How To Protect From SS7 Attack ?

To Avoid this, you do not have to install any Unknown Application in your device. Please don’t share your mobile number to any unknown person. Also don’t share your personal details & OTP to Anyone.

Conclusion– Nowadays they have got a system of OTP System in the online network system, but they can also be hacked to OTP system. But you do not need to panic, because this attack is not on any normally. This is only for educational purposes, Hope you like our Article. Don’t Forget to Share This Post with your friends and family and also give Feedback Us.




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