How To Earn Money By URL Shorting

How To Earn Money By URL Shorting
How To Earn Money By URL Shorting

Hello welcome Technorelate Readers,  Nowadays blogging and online marketing are growing extensively. Just because within a few hours we can create a blog and start working. Then to make money, Bloggers apply for adsense. Adsense is not enough to make money. Here I will tell you the way you can earn more money. We earn much less through AdSense or any other Ad Serving Sites. So people searches many new ideas & tricks to earn more and more money through their websites. But only ad is not enough on our sites to earn money. Here you can see how to earn money by URL Shorting.

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You may have seen on social media many times that many people in their profiles or post or that blog give a small link at the end of YouTube videos, which attract the post and earn a lot of money. Do you want to make money by shortening the URL? So let me tell you how you can earn money by shortening any link.

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How To Earn Money With URL Shorting

For Example:

Link Shorten sites is the site where you can get Long Url into very short Url like and this url will be shorten to so when some one visit on this link you can earn money on short links.

How To Submit Your Site/Blog To Uc News

Step#1. First of all goto any URL shorten site. I have mentioned best site for URL Shorting below.

Step#2. Now Create an account on any site and setup your profile then choose your payment method as you want !

Step#3. Now Copy the URL which you want to short then paste on Shorting box then you’ll get your shorted URL

How To Earn Money With URL Shorting
How To Earn Money With URL Shorting

Step#4. After that copy your short URL and publish it anywhere as you possible like: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter other social media. When people will visit on your posted URL and they will click on Ads then you will get pay.

That’s it you’re done and now enjoy.

Best URl Shorting Website For Earn Money

There are many URL Shortening sites but most of them pays very less amount. So, don’t worry I’ve listed Best & Highest Paying URL Shortener using which you can Make Money Online.



Making money with is easy where you can shrink your link and share it to social media like facebook twitter etc to earn money on every view. Shortest is another best highest paying url shortener site where you can promote link and earn money. this is the best custom url shortener to make money. pay upto $14 for 1k views.

SingUp Now

#2. is one of the most popular and trusted URL shortening company. Just register for an account and start shrinking URLs. You will get paid when anyone visits on your URLs. With you can earn up to 4$ per 1000 views to your Shorten links.

SingUp Now

#3. Linkshrink

Linkshrink.Net is also popular URL shortening website that allow users to make money anytime anywhere when anyone clicks and views your shorten links. Linkshrink pays about 2$ to 5$ per 1000 views and Through referral program you can get 10% commission from the user you referred. That means if you refer 10 users to LinkShrink and if each one of them earns $2 daily then you will be earning a total of $4 daily without any effort at all.

SingUp Now

#4. is the free Web Link/URL shortener service provider site. shink offer paid whenever you share any of your links with your friends or on the internet. Minimum withdrawal is $5 for PayPal. It’s too simple, just register for an account, short your links and share it. You can also invite new users. For each invitation user, you will receive 20% of their earnings.

SingUp Now

#5. Linkbucks

It is also one of the oldest and most reliable URL shortener website. Linkbucks is a good option for those who want to earn money through their adult content links as it allows you to short and share both adult and non-adult content links. Linkbucks also pays quickly and offer a huge variety of tools. However, you can use the similar procedure to bypass it.

SingUp Now

The list given above is the best PPD sites with the help of which you can earn money. Dear visitors if you like my this Article then Please Share this post with your friends & family. Also drop your comments if this helpful for you or have you any types of quarry.



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