How To Earn Money online ? Top Best Ways To Earn Money

How To Earn Money online ? Top Best Ways To Earn Money

Today I am here to tell you about some method earn money online. The Internet presents a world of opportunities. With a little commitment and hard work, you can earn good money online. Here are some ideas to get you started. We know our whole world is spreading by the internet and our most of works we do online now. So earn from online is not so hard.

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Our young generations are wasting their lots of time on social media site (not everyone), if you want then you can give less time on social media site and earn for online. Some of us know about how to earn from online but not so much. Due to lack of enough knowledge we are failing again and again some people getting trapped in scams as well.

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Way To Earn Money Online

#1. Blogging

Blogging as a career has slowly but steadily picked up in India. This is the 1st way in my list. For earn from blogging you need to be a professional blogger. It is also important to realise that your blog will not start earning money immediately. It can take more than a year of work before you start receiving any earnings. Once your blog starts getting enough visitors, you can get paid for advertisements, sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

How much can earn from blog?

From a blog you can earn $0.5 to $30 per day by thousand visitors per day. It’s depends on types of traffic, geographical area of traffic and monetization strategy. Many people telling now that, they can more money by affiliate marketing than Google AdSense but I don’t agree with this. Same system may not work for everyone.

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#2. YouTube

YouTube has become a major source of earnings for many people, owing to its reach and ease of use. You have to create YouTube channel, which works on a similar model as a blog—as you make your channel popular and the number of subscribers you have increases, your earning opportunities will also increase.

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Choose a category or subject about which you want to create and share videos, in order to make a niche for yourself. Once you become popular, brands will pay you to talk about their products. You will also earn from Google monetisation.


#3. Design and Selling Themes

Now a day every tech lovers have minimum one website/blog. Again every website/blog need a professional theme (another name is Template). If you to design theme very well then you can sell them by various market place like themeforest. Most of themes are design for different types of plat from like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and Duropal.

You have web design sense You have to know different types of web design languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, little knowledge on

Photoshop and detailed knowledge about targeted platform. Normally one copy of theme sells anywhere $10 to $100. So if you can design 100 copy of theme normally you can sell them for $1,000 to $10,000. you can design customizable theme for specific theme then you can want more money.


#4. Earn From Website by AdSense

This is the world-famous way of earning Money from internet. If you have running a blog or Website, then you have surely heard about Google AdSense. This is the service of Google for making money online .You can earn from your blogs/websites. By the Google Adsense. You can also do advertising with Adsense for You-Tube Channel also. you have to go here:


#5. Online Shop

  1. First, collect all the required products.
  2. You have to sell those Goods or Stock. You can create your won e-commerce website for this.
  3. You have to promote your products to the  internet world.
  4. After creating your won e-commerce- website. you can sell your products easily.

If you want then you can also Purchase

Unique products at cheap cost from the wholesale dealers. After that you can prepare the set up of your own Online Shop.


#6. Publish Your E-Book

If you like to write, then this fantastic way of earning money through internet is only for you.

Publish your own book on the internet. and are very popular E-

commerce website which provides free services

You can also get royalty by selling your writing book. You can get Royalty in 2 ways.

In the first way, you will get 35% royalty. If they can sale your book in any country. In the second way, you will get 70% royalty. If the book be sold in main or choose countries.

In this present world we are spending our most of time online but not for earn, just for enjoy. But if we want then we can earn from huge money in easy way. We can earn by doing anyone’s work from home. This way we have no need to go outside of home or office. If you know any work well then you can earn from home.

Names of Market places:


  • 99design


  • How To Earn ?

    You can earn by doing anything which do you know very well.



    Video Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    E-mail Marketing

    Twitter Marketing

    Web, Mobile & Software Development

    Customer Service

    Data Science & Analytics

    Sales & Marketing

    Design & Creative

    IT & Networking

    Engineering & Architecture



    Engineering & Architecture.

    By doing above maintained works you can earn a huge amount of money per month. Before earn from online improve your skill very well otherwise your online profile will be ban

    So guys these are some “Best Ways To Earn Money Online”. If you have any question then don’t hesitate please ask me I will give your answer as soon as possible. I hope you will like our article. And be social and share this article on your social wall. Thank you keke stay connected with Technorelate

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