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How To Download WhatsApp Account Data On Android

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been implemented from May 25, 2018. After that online or all companies connected to the Internet have changed their policy. Social media companies have given their users the facility to download the data.

Steps To Download WhatsApp Data

Step#1. First be sure to Update your Whatsapp before this. let’s open WhatsApp.

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Step#2. Then Go to settings, now click on the account.

How To Download WhatsApp Account Data On Android

Step#3. You will now have to type Request Account Information from second to bottom.

How To Download WhatsApp Account Data On Android

Step#4. Then Click on it. After this you will get the report report. After clicking on it, WhatsApp will tell you how long will you get your data?

How To Download WhatsApp Account Data On Android

What Types Of Information Will You Get ?

First of all you will get information like, what is your name, what your mobile number is, when you are online, what your current IP address is, you use Android phone or iOS, the version of the app is , Which company you use mobile, what is the model of mobile, whether WhatsApp is running on desktop or not, what you wrote about yourself and when it is written, then post your profile. When information is uploaded and profile photo is also uploaded.

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After this you will find phone numbers of people from whom you chat on whatsapp. The special thing is that the data given by Whatatsapp does not include the phone numbers of those whose numbers are saved in your phone. That is, what you send messages on WhatsApp, Whatsapp is saving those same numbers. You will get a list of mobile numbers, not with the name.

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After the mobile number, you will find a list of Whatsap Group which includes you. The group you left after joining will not get the data. After that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions of WhatsApp, or not. Its information will be found. After this, your Whatsapp settings will be detected and some people who have blocked you, their mobile number will also appear. If you also want to download your data, you can.

So these are steps to download whatsapp Account Data to check your whatsApp Activities. Hope you liked this post. Do not forget to give your suggestions and feedback!



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