Ethical Hacking: What Is DNS Spoofing ? [Explain]
Ethical Hacking: What Is DNS Spoofing ? [Explain]

Hello guys welcome to Technorelate blog, today you will learn about DNS Spoofing. What is DNS Spoofing ? And how does it work? What is the basic relationship with Ethical Hacking or Black Hat Hacking?

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What Is DNS [Domain Name System]

The full name of the DNS is the Domain Name System. As we open a website in the browser such as, but Internet servers do not understand all of these, they consider it as an Internet protocol. All websites have their own identity which are identified by Internet Protocol. When someone is searched in a browser, then the domain name system gives the IP address to User in numbering then you will be connect with Google, but you can’t see this IP address directly.

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DNS Spoofing

If a hacker spoof your IP address, then hacker can send any quarry from your IP address by his computer but you will surf on these quarry. You want to open another website but if the hacker is opening another website then the same website will open in your computer which is opening hacker.
Hacker can do DOS Attack on your computer. In this case you will show Unable Response or Any Types of error on your computer. Your Browser will be crash at this movement, hacker can send multiple quarry from your IP address and after that many more pop-up will open on your browser at same time.

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What Is Amplification ?

When hacker open different websites on different devices with your IP address and redirect all websites to your device, when DNS system reply of all quarry to your IP address then your browser can’t handle all different websites at same time then your Internet system and Browser will be completely crash.

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What Kind Of Risk In DNS Spoofing ?

DNS Spoofing poses several risks, starting with data theft. Banking websites and popular online retailers are easily spoofed, meaning any password, credit card or personal information may be compromised. Also, if spoofed sites include Internet security providers, a user’s computer may be exposed to additional threats such as viruses or Trojans, because legitimate security updates will not be performed.

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