How To Convert Your Single SIM Smartphone Into Multi-SIM


Convert your Single-Sim Smartphone into Multi-Sim Phone
How to Convert your Single-SIM Smartphone into Multi-SIM

Dual SIM is full of smartphones in the market. This is because people want to run their work by keeping two SIMs in the same mobile instead of keeping two mobile phones. Most people keep a number for professional and second number for personal use.

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Thereare still many companies presenting a phone with a single SIM slot, in which the Apple iPhone is the flagship. There is still a single sim slot in it. In this case, people have to put additional mobile handsets together for the second number.

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The method requires the use of Simore Multi-Sim holder and you will also has to do some tweaks with your device hardware which will not be very much difficult or advanced. So follow the below step by step guide to proceed.

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Steps To Convert your Single-Sim Smartphone into Multi-Sim Phone:

Step#1. First of all you will has to buy up theSimore (SIM + More) for your device. You can get it on the online product selling websites and you can also find it on Amazon too. This could be really a very cheap alternative to changing the device so as to get the multiple SIM functionality on the smartphone device.

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Step#2. After you have your Simore Multi-sim holder, you will now have to connect it to your smartphone. To connect it to your smartphone you won’t need any external connector etc. Just directly connect it to the smartphone either through the default sim holder of your device or through the bluetooth (depending on the type of sim holder). The one with bluetooth can be a great option as you won’t need to modify your device. Just depending on your needs you can get that type of SIM holder for your device and all shall work very well.Convert your Single-Sim Smartphone into Multi-Sim Phone

Step#3. After connecting the sim holder to your device, you can now insert the multiple sim cards in the Sim-card holder. This will automatically read your Sim cards and you will be able to work with them on your device.

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Step#4. Your smartphone will also automatically show up the connected Sim cards and let you use them easily.(For bluetooth holders it requires to install up the mobile app on your smartphone).

Thats it you are done, now you have device that supports multisim access in it.

So above discussion was all about Convert Single-Sim Smartphone into Multi-Sim Phone. You should note that there will be no need to either switch off your device everytime you want to change up the currently active SIM, just select up the SIM through the options that will be placed in the options of the device settings. So, go and use up this method and hence make your device a multiple SIM supporter for upto 5 SIM cards. And Hope you like my article, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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