How To Change The Icon Of An Executable File
How To Change The Icon Of An Executable File



Hey guys, I’m back with new super trick. There are a lot of reasons to change the icon of an executable file, some of them are listed below.

#1. Bored of the old icon.

#2. To make a malicious file look like a legitimate one.

#3. Pranks

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I think now you got a reason to change the icon of an executable…A nyway, I’m going to show you how to change the icon of an executable file:


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Change The Icon Of An Executable File

#1. First, you have to download Resource Hacker and then install it on your computer. Then open the Resource Hacker application.

Download Software

#2. Now go to File > Open and then select the executable file. Then click on ” Open “.

#3. Now right click on the ” icon” folder and then select ” Replace Icon” or press Ctrl+R . A small window will appear:

#4. Then click on ” Open file with new icon ” and then select a .exe file with the icon you want to add to the target executable file, or you can select an icon file, resource file or a dll file. Now click on the ” Replace ” button.

#5. Now go to File > Save As …. Then save the file with a new name, for example, New_spm_setup.exe.


That’s it guys you’re done the all steps. I hope you like our new article. If you have any type of quarry so please fee free to drop your comments in this post. Be social & also share this post to your friends & family.




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