How To Recover Deleted Files On Android

Nowadays everyone has an Android phone and all its stuff. Many memorable photos and videos and important contact numbers are also saved in the mobile phones. Whenever all data will deleted from your android Phone then what will you do ? Don’t worry, If you are searching for a way to recover lost files on android , you can stop now because you are at the right place!

Nokia Launches 4G Feature Phone To Give Competition To Jiophone

Nokia had introduced its 8810 4G Banana phone in MWC 2018. It has now been launched in Asian markets now. At the same time, its sale has begun in Singapore. Its price is 98 Singapore dollars, which is approximately 4,900 rupees. This phone is an upgraded version of the company’s old 8110. According to reports, pre-orders have been started for this phone in the European market.

How To Install ROM On Android Without Computer

Android gadgets give an immense extension to customization. Relatively everything about an Android gadget can be redone utilizing either strategy. So here we will uncover How to Install Custom ROM On Android and furthermore share some key elements om How-To Install it securely and which Custom ROMs is best for your gadget.

Top 10 Google Apps For Android

In today’s time, Android phones are all in place and there are many applications on the Google Play Store. A lot of ads come in too many apps that trouble us. Some apps have been made by Google, in which the problem of add-on is not reduced or found. Many of these apps are of our great work. Here is a list of top best Google apps for your Android below.

What Is Lost.DIR Folder ? How Does It Work In SD Card On Android ?

We have many folders in our phone, some of which we create by ourselves, some phones come in. Here we lose a secret folder of the phone. Telling about DIR. Which work is it you might not know. You may have seen this folder but you will not know its use. Another feature of this folder is that it comes back automatically after deletion. After restarting the phone or turning it on, this folder is returned.