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What Is Bounce Rate ? How To Reduce Bounce Rate In Blog

Hello, welcome guys hope you all are okey. If you are a Website Owner or Blogger then you will definitely be familiar with some technical term (Alexa Rank, Site Speed, Traffic, Daily Page Views, Bounce Rate). All this is used by Term SEO Purpose.

Every blogger wants his blog to reader’s day every day. Read Line by her Post, read more than Blog at Blog. In today’s post we will talk about Bounce Rate. Information of Bounce Rate is required to be all Website Admin, so that the website can properly use Traffic.

The Bounce Rate tells the Relation between Readers and Content. Lowering the Bounce Rate means that there is a very good relation with the reader’s content. Meaning to Readers All like Content, Writing Style, Post Format.

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What Is Bounce Rate ?

Bounce Rate is made up of two words. The first is Bounce which means jump or bounce. Second Rate, which means Quantity or Frequency or Rate. Bounce Rate is the rate of bounce, it is absolutely right. Explain this term well.

“Visitors of a particular website that are returned from any one page of the website.”

This is in Rate Percentage.

Example: The Bounce Rate of my Blog is 68% that means that 68% are the users who open any one page on the blog. With this you can understand that the lower the Bounce Rate is a good thing. The Bounce Rate of 26 to 40% is considered ideal. If your blog’s Bounce Rate is less than this then it’s a great deal. But such blogs and websites are very few, whose Bounce Rate is less than 26%. Bounce Rate is the average rate of 41% to 70%. But more than that, there is a need to pay attention to this subject.

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Reasons Of High Bounce Rate :

High Bounce Rate is not a good sign for a website or blog. Lowering the Bounce rate means the user opens many pages of the site. There are many reasons for this, some of which I am sharing with you.

#1. Site Speed: This means that the Particular Site is open o the open time. If the Site takes more time to open, then Readers will not get good response.

#2. Site Design: Design does not have any much value but Font, Font Size, Image Placement, Background, do not be all Comfortable for Readers, Site Mobile Responsive If not, then Bounce Rate will be very high.

#3. Lack of High Quality Content: Higher quality content also reduces Bounce Rate.

#4. Low Quality Content: Helpful for User in 3000 Word . Also, there is a bad effect as there is no written post in title.

#5. Single Page Site: There is no link to another post in the blog post. In this case, the user will visit the next page. It is possible to have a copy of Paste Content:

#6. Copy Paste Content. Readers also understand that this content has been taken from any other website.

#7.Blog Post Writing Format: It is also wrong to not follow a standard writing form. If you do not use the correct format, then Readers can not understand anything after reading the full post and they do not want to visit the site immediately.

#8. Bad or No Interlinking: Link to another post in the blog post or to be wrong.

Benefits of Low Bounce Rate :

All Blogger wants – More Contents, More Readers, More Comments, More Traffic, More Subscribers, More Followers and More Money.

This is all possible from SEO. Bounce Rate is also a part of SEO. Bounce Rate Low stands for Reader Blog. i.e. A visitor opens many pages.

Understanding Low Bounce Rate means More Page Views.

More Page Views Meaning More Comment.

More Page Views Mean More Money.

More Page Views Mean More Subscribers.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate

#1. Site Speed: This means the Particular Site is being open in how much time. If the site takes more time to open, reduce it. If the site is open in a short time, then the Response Response will get good.

#2. Site Design: Design does not have much value, but content should be written correctly. Such as: Font, Font Size, Image Placement, Background It should be Comfortable for all Readers. Check out your blog like this for a reader. Any user first sees Blog’s Design. Make Blog Responsive The Navigation auto Change of Blog according to the Device Screen. There is a lot of trouble with the user having Surf Web site Surf. Try using less Color on Blog. Using more color, Reader does not feel comfortable. Try to keep Design of Blog Good in Every Way.

#3. Low Quality Content: It is not necessary that the content of 3000 Word is very good. Content must always be Friendly for both User and Search Engine. Write the same post as the title. Readers never manipulate. In this way you will lose your credibility. To make a name in Blogging Journey, it is very important to be Credible. Copy Paste Content also comes in Low Quality Content. Always write content that user likes.

#4. Copy Paste Content: Copy Paste not content at all. Also try not to get a Writing Style. Do not know that Credibility Create can happen by doing this. Always try to write Unique Content. Writing Unique Content, along with Reader, also looks like Search Engine.

#5. Bad or No Interlinking: Use Inbound Link in Blog Post Describe it in Next Post on the Unknown Word Use in Post and Link to the Unknown Word of the earlier post. Post in the middle of the link post, similar to that of the post. By doing this, some readers also click on that link. You can also share some links that are interested. In Google Analytics, check which post is being most read, link between that post. Take care of Interested Topic.

That’s it guys here is some useful tips for Reduce Bounce Rate of your blog. Hope it will really helpful for you. Just Comments your experience after reading this article. If you have any questions then please let us by Commenting here.

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