How To Block Adult/Porn Website In Android

How To Block Website In Android
How To Block Website In Android

Hello dear friends welcome back to Technorelate blog, today I’m going to tell you a very useful trick for you. What if a young lad tries to access any of the adult websites on your smartphone not appropriate for his/her age? What if your friend tries to access a malicious site in your absence that might compromise your device’s security? Nevertheless, whatever be the reason for which you want to block websites on Android, there are easy solutions to get it done ! The method is simple and straight and you just need to use one manual setting in your browser and then enter the website that you want to block and that’s it you are done with it.

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How To Block Website In Android ?

Step#1. First of all download and install BlockSite on your android mobile. It’s a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

How To Block Website In Android

Step#2. Now Open the BlockSite app. If you just installed the app from the Play Store, tap the greenOpen” button to launch the app instead.

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Step#3. Tap Enable. It’s the green button at the bottom of the app when you first open it. This will allow you to set permissions so that BlockSite can block websites on your web browsers.

How To Block Website In Android

Step#4. Tap Got it. It’s at the bottom of the popup screen. This is just telling you how to enable accessibility. This will open your Accessibility settings.

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Step#5. Tap BlockSite. It’s at the bottom of the Accessibility settings menu under the “Service” header.

How To Block Website In Android

Step#6. Tap the switch from OFF to ON . If the switch is grey, accessibility for BlockSite is off. If the switch is blue, accessibility is on. Turing it on will prompt a pop-up window.

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Step#7. After that Tap the green button with a plus “+” sign in the bottom-right corner of the app. Now Enter a website URL. Enter the main web address of the website you want to block. For example, if you want to block Facebook, you would type

How To Block Website In Android

Step#8. This will block all the web browsers on your phone from accessing the website you added to the blocked list. If you or anyone tries to access the site, you’ll see a message saying the site has been blocked. To remove a website from the blocked list, open BlockSite and tap the trashcan icon next to the website you want to remove.

How To Block Website In Android

That’s it you’re done now enjoy. So Dear visitors if you like my this Article then Please Share this post with your friends & family. Also drop your comments if this helpful for you or have you any types of quarry.

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