How To Block Low CPC Sites On Google Adsense
How To Block Low CPC Sites On Google Adsense

Today i am sharing some tricks that will help you in increasing your google adsense earnigs. Here i am going to give you a list of some sites url that have low cost per click [CPC] in adsense. By blocking this low cpc adsense advertiser url you can increase your adsense revenue 100 times greater than current earnings.
Google give permission to publisher to block 500 ads networks to showing ads on his website or blog for doing this?

you need network list that you want to block showing google adsense will get Low cpc ads network list from old post on this blog and i click on download link to download list.


How To Block Low CPC Sites

First of all login to your adsense account and goto Allow and Block section click on it.

Now cooy low cpc ads list urls and paste into this section and click on block button.

Now you have successful block low CPC sites in your AdSense account it will increase your AdSense Earning.

Low CPC sites list

That’s it guys you’re done all steps. Now enjoy with your earning & happy blogging. If you have any quarry then drop your comments here.



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