Airtel Free Internet Proxy Trick September 2016

Create New Apn Settings

Apn –

Proxy –

Port – 80

Now Save This Settings, Make it Default

Open Opera Handler By Tricksgenie And Put First, End:-
Download Opera Handler Apk

Now Enjoy Browsing And Downloading With High- Speed 3G/4G

Download Limit – 300mb/Day

That’s it Now Enjoy



1 thought on “Airtel Free Internet Proxy Trick September 2016

  1. I think the one of the best defenses is a good healthy dose of skepticism. I’m retired and I’ve looked at a number of different online &#sop0;o2p2rtunitie8” and I have yet to find anything that really lives up to its advertising. Fortunately, the amount of money I spent learning this has been minimal. Most of the “hooks” seemed just too good to be true for me, so I passed them by.(I do get enough from Goggle to pay for a few tanks of fuel each month.)

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